I am from the UK and have lived in Aotearoa for fifteen years. I am an experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor and have been working for over twenty five years as a Registered Psychotherapist.
My background is in Cultural Studies (M.A.) and the Fine Arts – mixed media/painting (B.A.).

I ran a private practice in London, counselling groups and individuals. I also worked for many years both at PACE and E.L.O.P, who provided psychotherapy services for gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transexual clients.

In the UK I was a professional member of the Institute of Transactional Analysis, The U.K. Council of Psychotherapists and The European Assoc. of Transactional Analysis.

As a Clinical Psychotherapist I am registered by the Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand and now run a private practice in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist and integrate aspects of Psychodynamic Therapies, some Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, and Humanist Therapies.

If you have any questions about these areas you can find our more on my questions page, or if you would like more information on my qualifications or approaches, please feel free to ask me.